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Inside the Design Story of Zeekr 007: Cinematographer´s note

Updated: Feb 15

The world of car design is a fascinating one, where creativity and innovation collide to shape the future of mobility. Few teams are pushing boundaries quite like Geely Design Center and their Zeekr brand. Witnessing them churn out one stunning car after another, the latest being the recently released Zeekr 007, is truly inspiring.

Not only is the design turning heads (and selling out!), but the story behind it is equally captivating.

Cinematographer Nicklas Karpaty, FSF shooting promo for Zeekr 007
Zeekr 007 headlight design

Our short documentary takes you to the people behind the Zeekr design, where the magic happens. But filming a car in studio habitat presented some unique challenges. Striking the perfect balance between highlighting the car's sleek lines and showcasing the innovative interactive headlights required a creative lighting setup. Imagine: a dark room where we needed just enough light to capture the car's contours and the mesmerizing dance of its headlights.

Through interviews, design sketches, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, our documentary offers a rare peek into the meticulous process that brought the Zeekr 007 to life. It's a story of collaboration, pushing boundaries, and the sheer passion that goes into crafting a design that resonates with audiences around the world.

Production company Vingaland Film for Ojity and Zeekr Design. Director of Photography: Nicklas Karpaty, FSF

Gaffer: Bengt Grewin

Sound: David Lewinson

MUA: Malena Alfgården

  • Watch the full film: [link]

  • Share your thoughts on the design and cinematography challanges: Leave a comment below!

Cinematographer Nicklas Karpaty, FSF :promo for Zeekr 007
The Zeekr 007´s innovative headlights

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