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VFX Shots: The Collaboration Between Cinematographers and VFX Artists

In the exciting world of filmmaking, visual effects (VFX) play a crucial role in making stories come to life. As a Director of Photography (DoP), knowing about VFX isn't just helpful—it's essential. Let's dive into how DoPs and VFX artists collaborative process,  exploring the most important stage of preproduction in order to get most out of your VFX shots.

Cinematographer Nicklas Karpaty
Recce/Storyboard shots vs final VFX image

Grasping the Essence of VFX Visual effects encompass a vast array of techniques and technologies, from seamless compositing to breathtaking CGI, all aimed at enriching the viewer's cinematic journey.

In a commercial helmed by director Anna Bengtsson, our narrative trip delved into a dystopian landscape with political tension and emotional depth.

The Crucial Phase of Preproduction Collaboration The preproduction stage emerges as the heartbeat of collaboration between DoPs and VFX supervisors. In these discussions, we share our visions, shape ideas, and address practical matters. Creativity first, envisioning how VFX elements can amplify our storytelling while carefully considering budget limitations and technical challenges.

From crumbling streets to ominous skies, every detail must be planned to ensure a seamless fusion of practical cinematography and VFX.

On the shooting day

Illuminating Set Design and Metadata As the shooting day draws near, the collaboration between DoP and VFX supervisor extends to the domain of set design and lighting. It's crucial that the on-set lighting harmonises effortlessly with envisioned VFX elements, casting shadows that unite with digital additions.

For flawless VFX integration, capturing camera and lens metadata, such as sensor size, frame rate, shutter speed, ISO and lens parameters, unlocks the information of your shot for the VFX team, ensuring realistic depth, motion blur, and seamless compositing and integration of digital elements with live-action footage and ensuring a cohesive visual narrative.

Video clip: Recce shots and final VFX shots

The Artistry of Layering: Crafting Cinematic Marvels Collaborating in post-production, the DoP and VFX supervisor work together to blend practical cinematography with visual effects seamlessly. One key aspect of this collaboration is color grading, where the final touches are applied to ensure consistency and enhance the overall visual impact of the film.

Storyboard, Shotlist and VFX breakdown

The future of VFX Looking ahead to the future of VFX, it's essential to keep pace with the evolving landscape of filmmaking technology. Educating oneself on the latest AI-powered tools and technologies that are reshaping filmmaking processes, including AI-powered 3D software and virtual production tools, is crucial. As a DoP, staying updated on current and upcoming tools like Unreal Engine* and other AI-driven solutions is important. These advancements not only foster creativity but also optimise budget utilisation. Even for independent filmmakers, embracing VFX tools such as green screen and Unreal Engine can unlock opportunities to produce visually stunning projects.

Empowering Directors and Producers: Your Call to Action

VFX allows DoPs to achieve cinematic storytelling elements that might otherwise be impractical or too expensive to achieve in real life.

For directors and producers seeking to elevate their cinematic endeavors, partnering with a VFX-literate DoP offers great advantages. With an understanding of VFX workflows and techniques, a DoP can navigate the creative landscape with confidence, infusing every frame with cinematic brilliance.. Contact me and we´ll find out how I, as your dedicated DoP, can help bring your cinematic vision to life with creativity, depth and visual splendor!

Watch the final commercial film here

*Stay tuned for a separate blog post of a recent music video shoot, delving into the transformative power of tools like Unreal Engine in crafting immersive cinematic experiences.

Embrace the transformative power of visual effects.

Production: Spets Prod. Anna Bengtsson and Chimney.

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