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Nicklas Karpaty: A Highly Skilled Cinematographer with Over 15 Years of Experience Bringing Creative Vision to Life Through Storytelling and Collaboration. Expert in All Aspects of Cinematography with a Strong Focus on Creativity and Communication.


As a freelance cinematographer with over 15 years of experience in the industry, I bring creative vision to a wide range of projects, including feature films, TV-drama, commercials, music videos, and documentaries.
My responsibilities include creating the visual look and feel of films and videos by working closely with directors to use camera angles, lighting, and color. I oversee camera and lighting crews, select lenses and camera settings, and collaborate with post-production teams to ensure that the final product is  color-corrected to my specifications. With a combination of technical skill, creative vision, and effective communication, I strive to deliver visually compelling and cohesive final products that effectively communicate the director's vision to the audience. I am proficient in a variety of cameras, lighting equipment, and other industry-standard tools and am always looking for ways to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and techniques. I am also a strong collaborator and communicator, able to effectively work with directors, producers, and crew members. 


* Nicklas Karpaty is based in Stockholm, Sweden and brings his expertise to locations around the world. With extensive experience in all the latest digital formats, including Arri Alexa/Alexa LF, RED, Varicam, Sony CineAlta/Venice, Canon CinemaEOS, and traditional 35/16mm film, he is equipped to handle any project. As a proud member of The Swedish Society of Cinematographers and IMAGO, Nicklas continues to stay at the forefront of his field.

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